The Tank-O3 system is offered as standard for water tanks up to 150 litres. We recommend setting the cell current to only 50 mA for a tank capacity of 100 / 150 liters. If the tank content is smaller, the cell current is set proportionally lower (approx. 30 mA).

With a tank volume greater than 150 liters, we recommend setting the cell current 50 mA higher for every 50 liters more. So at 200 liters at 100 mA, at 250 liters at 150 mA and at 300 liters at the maximum possible setting of 200 mA.
Additional maintenance; the higher the current, the faster the cell nucleus wears out and the greater the risk of limescale. So make sure that you check the cell more often for limescale!

We recommend installing 2 systems divided over the tank for tanks larger than 300 liters, and 3 systems for tanks larger than 600 liters. This in order to optimally distribute the ozone gas through the tank. If you have any questions about this and/or information about larger tanks, it is best to contact us!