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Cleaning tips

We advise you to follow the instructions for descaling, 1 x every 2 to 3 weeks, in areas with hard to very hard water, including Portugal and Spain, even more often. It may even be necessary to check for limescale every 3 to 4 days! If you wait too long with the correct maintenance, you may have to replace the complete electrolysis unit, which is a costly affair! See blog 2 for a good and a broken electrolysis unit.

Limescale removal: Unscrew the lid and remove the hose with the electrolysis unit with cell core from the tank. Disconnect the power supply, hang the hose with the electrolysis unit in a bottle filled with approx. 6 cm of cleaning vinegar or citric acid. (You can reuse this again!) After about 30 minutes, the electrolysis unit with cell core is completely clean and limescale-free. (with cleaning vinegar heated to 60 to 70 °C it goes faster!)
Put power back on the system and TIP: Check whether there is ozone production by dipping the electroyse unit with cell core in a glass of water. Now you can see it better than in the tank! 
Dry the electrolytic cell, hang the tube with the electrolytic cell back into the tank and tighten the lid again.