Cleaning tips



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Cleaning tips

Removal of limescale: unscrew the lid and remove the tube  with the electrolytic cell on it from the tank. Hang the tube with the electrolytic cell in a bottle filled with approx. 6 cm of cleaning vinegar or citric acid ( the bottle is reuseable! ) After approximately 10 minutes, the electrolytic cell is completely clean and free of limescale. Put power back on the system and TIP: Check whether there is ozone production by dipping the electroyse cell in a glass of water. Now you can see it better than in the tank! Dry the electrolytic cell, hang the tube with the electrolytic cell back into the tank and tighten the lid again.

Alternatively, separate the electrolytic cell from the plug and tube. Now mount the supplied short tube in such a way that the electrolytic cell with the John Guest coupler can be placed in a glass with cleaning vinegar or citric acid. Then reassemble as prescribed.