Replacing the cell nucleus



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Replacing of / ordering a cell nucleus

If the cell nucleus is less than half a year old, we advise you first to check the system for causes other than replacing the cell nucleus.
There is almost always something else going on, because the cell nucleus will in principle last at least six months or more!

Preferably clean the electrolytic cell with cleaning vinegar first! 

Unscrew the lid and remove the tube with the electrolytic cell from the tank. Disassemble the electrolytic cell with the John Guest coupler from the tube. Now unscrew the John Guest coupler from the electrolytic cell and disconnect the plug. The electrolytic cell remains! 

Images in figures 1 to 3 concern the 4-fold version of the electrolytic cell. Tank-O3 works with a single electrolytic cell, see photo 5. 

See photo 1: Place the plastic ring around the electrolytic cell. Press the pins on the inside of this plastic ring onto both ends of the clip that is mounted on the electrolytic cell so that both ends come loose. (use a pointed object if necessary).

See photo 2: Now pull off the clip from the electrolytic cell, remove the clip and the cell nucleus from the electrolytic cell. Place the cell nucleus, as shown in photo 4 below, on the electrolytic cell, place the clip over it and press the clip tightly into both openings into the electrolytic cell. The result is as shown in photo 5.
For clarity, the cellophane, as shown in picture 4 and 5 between the nucleus, should also sit there, so DO NOT delete!

In photo 6 you can see the "demo" Tank-O3system that we use for demonstrations at motorhome and caravan shows. This "demo" Tank-O3 system is also on display at various Tank-O3 dealers in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany! 

See photo 3: Check whether the clip has been correctly inserted into the electrolytic cell, if needed, press with your finger on the clip again until you hear a click! To be sure, pull on both sides of the clip, it should not move! 

Re-install the electrolytic cell. Note: first plug it in, then screw the John Guest coupler onto the electrolytic cell and press the John Guest coupler firmly back onto the tube. Hang the tube with the electrolytic cell back into the tank and tighten the lid securely again.

Buy or order: you can usually buy the replacement cell nucleus from your Tank-O3 dealer, or you can easily order a new replacement cell nucleus at , providing your full address. The replacement cell nucleus, accompanied by an invoice of € 39.95 will be sent to you immediately!