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If water in the clean water tank is not properly taken care of, there is an increased risk of legionella contamination. Particularly when showering, but also, for example, from running tap water while brushing your teeth or when washing vegetables or fruit, you can get infected with legionella, leading to unforeseen consequences afterwards. In short: if you contract a Legionella infection, your life changes to such an extent that holidaying will no longer be an  option ... or even worse!

Tank-O3 fresh water system prevents these dangers of legionella contamination and as such ensures complete, but above all, continuous safety. Tank-O3 fresh water system keeps the clean water tank 100% clean at all times.

This makes sense when there is water in the water tank and the system works. But if the RV, boat, caravan, tiny house etc. will not be used for a longer period of time and you drain the water, there is an additional advantage: at the end of the season or if you do not use the camper, boat, caravan, tiny house etc. for a while, you drain the water. From now on you always leave the RV, boat, caravan, tiny house etc. with a clean empty water tank. This is different from what we are used to, because we let the water drain but the contamination in the tank remains or may even get worse. As a result, you are already 1-0 behind at the start of the season or after the RV, boat, caravan,tiny house etc. has not been used for a while. 

Extra advantage: You always store the RV, boat, caravan, tiny house etc. with a clean water tank!!

We often hear experienced RV, boat, caravan, tiny house etc. travellers say that they have never been ill from water from a clean water tank. We hope that nobody gets sick, of course. However, we must remain realistic. In the unlikely event that someone becomes nauseous or ill, one usually blames it on drink or food that has fallen wrong. However, the cause is often water that is not well protected, which is why it is important to keep the water tank clean. Tank-O3 fresh water system is the only effective system, there are simply no other systems that always keep the entire water tank clean! Other applications are "remedies" that only work briefly, there is always a risk of infection again after a few days. Make the right decision, avoid unnecessary doctor costs and trouble during your holiday and weekend trips and dare to invest!

We hope you enjoy your Tank-O3 fresh water system.