TANK-O3 fresh water system in your RV, boat, caravan, tiny house etc.

ALWAYS Safe Water in a clean tank!


Ease of use

100% Natural

Environmentally friendly

How it works

Tank-O3 fresh water systemis a small built-in system for inside the clean water tank. Oxygen (O2) is converted into ozone (O3), through electrolysis. Since ozone is an extremely strong, odourless, and by the minimum production a non-hazardous oxidant, Tank-O3 fresh water system ensures that water in the clean water tank and in the pipes, but also the clean water tank itself, remains completely germ-free. Tank-O3 fresh water system prevents growth or kills all bacteria (legionella, E.coli), viruses, fungi, spores and ensures that the water tank remains completely biofilm-free. This is a unique feature that no other system can offer.
Note: Everything requires maintenance, including the Tank-O3 fresh water system. Initially, we recommend checking the electrolysis unit for limescale once a week, preferably at a fixed time. (this is to first get to know the system, later often only once every 2 or 3 weeks). In areas with hard to very hard water, such as Southern Europe, it may even be necessary to check for limescale every 3 to 4 days! If necessary, remove the deposits in a little cleaning vinegar. Hardly any effort, but important!
See "Cleaning Tips".

For explanation and information: See animation video and blogs at the bottom of this page!


What many people do not realize is that the quality of water in the clean water tank, particularly at higher temperatures, rapidly deteriorates. This leads to water contamination, a filthy tank and, in the worst case, an increased safety risk of legionella contamination. Tank-O3 is safe, environmentally friendly and 100% natural. Tank-O3 makes your life easier.

At the start of the season you rinse the clean water tank thoroughly, switch on the Tank-O3 system and then you are all set for the remainder of the season. You only have to top up the water now and then. There is no need to think about regularly adding environmentally harmful agents any longer, because your clean water tank and water always stays completely clean. Additional benefit: at the end of the season or if you do not use the RV, boat, caravan, tiny house etc. for a while, drain the tank, that's all, he is already clean! From now on you always store your vehicle with a clean empty water tank. Thus you will always start the new season, or after a long time, with a clean water tank. That is why Tank-O3 is better for you and the environment!

Assembly & Maintenance

Tank-O3 can be easily installed in your clean water tank by a handyman with a bit of technical knowledge. However, we recommend that you have Tank-O3 installed by the dealer or maintenance company of your RV, boat, caravan, tiny house etc. 
They have the right tools and know-how.  A Tank-O3 package always includes an installation manual, the installation is self-explanatory.

The system is very maintenance-friendly. This is because ozone, in addition to water purification, keeps the entire inside of the clean water tank including the top, completely clean. Your water tank will be and will remain as good as new without you having to do anything!

NOTE: the water tank must have unrestricted airflow, both in and out, so that released ozone gas can escape which dissolves directly in the ambient air. For more information see frequently asked questions.

Users’ experiences

Since the beginning of 2017, various customers have preceded you with the purchase of the Tank-O3 system. We are bringing the system to the market now after having gained years of user experience. During this development we have made various adjustments to the system. This has resulted in a proven reliability of the system and a high degree of satisfaction among our users. When purchasing a new RV, boat, caravan, tiny house etc., the Tank-O3 system can be easily converted into the new vehicle.

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Tank-O3 for:

  • Legionella prevention    

  • Making your life easier  

  • Completely clean drinking water tank

  • Environmentally friendly